If you are a school teacher, or an individual interested in learning more about receiving school supplies through Murphy's Backpacks for your classroom or school please contact Emily Link through the contact us page.

Murphy’s Backpacks provides Teacher Initiative Grants to support teachers and their classrooms in projects that go above and beyond what their school budget alone would allow.  The Teacher Initiative Grants are made available to teachers in the greater Chicagoland area and Southwest Florida school districts.  Criteria include; projects that have impact on the student’s educational program, foster creativity and critical thinking, and provide differentiated experiences for students.  Grants are awarded based on financial need, a description of how the project meets the students’ needs and the number of students who will be involved.

For more information or an application for a teacher initiative grant please use the contact us form to email Emily Link at Murphy's Backpacks.

We look forward to learning more about your projects!